Blueorange Technologies - Since 2002 Blueorange has designed and developed ground-breaking web-scale database technologies, web development frameworks and content management systems: Enabling web-solutions to become reality, run efficiently and scale rapidly in a fraction of the usual time and cost, from Ecommerce engines to massive Social Networks.

We have been the technology innovators, inventors and incubators behind many industry leaders and technology vendors in Social Networking, the NHS, Insurance & Warranty, Employee Health & Risk Management. Our technologies have served millions of people globally - using novel approaches to dramatically reduce the cost, administration and energy requirements of IT operations.

Our latest venture is GenieDB is a breakthrough in database technology for websites and IAAS providers. For the first time we have combined the power of SQL + NoSQL in an ultra-efficient, self-healing database with true linear scaleability, out-of-the-box. For more info visit

Need to build your service? Blueorange Consulting is 'powered' by a permanent team of international experts, a long-estabilished group of the most highly skilled, highly experienced software and infrastructure technologists partnering with select clients to fulfil extraordinary business objectives. We deliver:

  • Linearly scaleable, global web-system architectures
  • Development team management & 'Interim CTO' services
  • Ultra-resilient, high-performance managed hosting

Need to serve your build? Blueorange Networks is our geographically diverse Cisco BGP network offering 100% application, network and hardware uptime for the most demanding systems.

We are a Tier 2 carrier providing multi-homed Gigabit traffic with private optimised peering through a global network of POPs and seamless integration with content delivery through Akamai and Amazon S3.

As a truly 'autonymous system' through BGP4 your application is hosted on a network that far exceeds what any large-scale managed hosting provider can economically offer.

Blueorange develops and licences conceptual frameworks and methodologies for commercial, public interest and charitable organisations for areas such as Information Technology, Insurance, Medicine, Health and Behavioural Change.

Blueorange's services include invention, analysis, modelling and validation of methodologies to structure 'the thinking' behind businesses and research groups ensuring that the data they collect and the information delivered maintains objectivity and reliability for commercial or scientific value.

...include simple CMS and e-commerce, to eLearning portal builders and data mining tools. With BOSI Products we build software for any business application of any size, on demand.
Find out more about Blueorange's end-to-end, client managed solutions for Insurance Administors; Medical eLearning; Health & Performance Management; E-retail Sales and Operations; The Gemtrade; eLearning & Behavioural Change...

Blueorange is recuiting web developers at all levels for three exciting new projects growing range of products and for the development of bespoke applications.

Blueorange Technologies
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Running at our heart is BOSI, the Blueorange System Interface.

Our modular, adaptable development platform enables us to prove concepts and deploy solutions in a fraction of the ususal time and cost; irrespective of size or complextity.

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